Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Download! "Wha Gwan"!

A lot of you responded to the one blog I had stating that, during my hiatus, I was dissed in a record by some individuals who shall remain nameless. I also stated in said blog that, I wouldn't respond. I tend to contradict myself at times.

Here's the break down.

About a month or so a go, Mysterious had phoned me and informed me some one made a diss record aimed at me, but not exclusively about me. I asked who the guy was, he said he never heard of him. People, it's to the point now that, if some one hasn't heard of you on a broad scale on the scene here in Pittsburgh, you've lost before you've come up out of the blocks. Anyway. I asked a few people if they heard the record, and every one said it was wack, it was lame, this that and the third, but he said somethings about me, that he didn't say about any one else in the song (yes he dissed other people).

One of the lines that caught my attention through word of mouth was that, he'd spit on my hand or something of that nature. I never really cared to listen to the diss because, I had other things on my plate.

It took a toll on me though, just how cowardly this was executed. I've never heard of dude, he wants to make a diss record because he seen me putting in work, and reaping the benefits. Cool, I get that, success taking a shot at you. But you talk about spitting on me, and have your boys promote this record like it's a hot single, THEN when some one actually says something like, oh Jaxx is gonna be pissed or what ever it was they said to you, you pull the record down like a hoe, and just talk shit. That's cowardice, people.

So I was going back and forth about making a record, then I downloaded 50 Cent's The War Angel LP two weeks ago. That put the battery in my back, so to speak to go ahead and drop a record. He went back to his old style, the raw mixtape 50, with songs aimed at folks, just with out names attached. Thats what gave me the idea...

I told my man, Chim Beats to pull through on a raw gritty mid 90s type song that I could go in on, but still make a dope record off of, not just 500 bars with no hook or anything. He pulled through in the clutch!

I'm not saying no names, I'm not making a diss record, but I am. I wanted to do what these morons couldn't do. I say morons because my name was put in a song by an even more irrelevent guy months before this. If you go back and read the blogs, you can find out who he is, he gets no more free promo from me. So I make "Wha Gwan".

Alot of you have no idea what "Wha Gwan" means, apparently? So I decided, why not make the record title, "Wha Gwan". What I set out to do, was just make a strong record that Hip Hop heads would like. Something aggressive, something old school, something that makes you respect the spirit of competition! See, I will battle, but only if it's worth my time. I'm not name dropping and building your career based off wack records. You wanna enter into that realm, step your pen game up, because mine is at a level you can't even cheat to reach. You diss me and can't get a buzz? Pathetic.

That's the deal, download the record here!

The Ayatollah has spoken