Monday, April 5, 2010

Dominique Larue Interview

's 2010.  Rap is global.  Every knows some one who raps, or they rap themselves.  In this day and age nothing is uncommon for an MC to do or say.  Nothing that is, except for the voice of a prominent DOPE female MC and what she has to say.

Dominique Larue is quite possibly the best thing out.  Period.  Delivery, lyrics, beat selection, and a poise on the mic that makes the gender barrier disappear faster than a big mac in Gabbie Sidibe's hands.

D Larue just dropped possibly the best Hip Hop release of 2010 with her "HerStory" EP produced entirely by New York to Pittsburgh transplant Idasa Traiq.  So I sat down with the Ohio native to discuss a little bit of everything, with a whole lot of perspective.

Peace and blessings!  What's gwanin, D? Formerly introduce yourself for all those who aren't in the know.

Dominique Larue, Ohio Native, Columbus to be exact, the Test Taste Food of America, whatever it's called, just know we're mad fat here.

"Herstory" is the other side of the same coin, "Let Em Know" definitely illustrates that.  In one sentence, from "Ohio With Love" to now, give me your story.

I am a self-educated, no nonsense mother but fun loving woman wrapped up in a beautiful body who happens to make music.

Rap is a contact sport, through out its HIStory, it's been gender specific. Is what you're doing going against the grain, or just taking a detour through the course?
Depends on whose grain we're referring to. Commercial's grain? By all means and its not because I have flow or lyrics or even rocking a dope sample on some boom bap drums. It's because I'm doing ME, easy as pie. I can rock any joint and rock it how I feel best, not because they want me to rock it a certain. I wanna remain independent because I want to do me, so in essence, I'm going against the grain.

Where are all the Female MCs?

We're everywhere!! Man, I see these articles asking that question and I'm like it's bull because we're every damn where! DMV, NY, Chicago, TX, ha every state!  Plus I'm not the only one rockin here in Columbus, not the only one in Ohio neither!

Black Thought said "to mc requires skill, I demand some shone" - what element of your game needs the MOST work?

Patience, sometimes I rush my creativity and end up redoing everything because it all sounds rushed. I've been making a conscious effort of telling myself you can't rush greatness. I've also been working on being poetic and lyrical at the same time. To me it's two different things so and my whole life I've been nothing but lyrical. I want to use a crazy flow but the lyric game is proper ya know and to me poets have crazy flow game.

Let's be honest.  Every MC, male or female has an angel, a gimmick, a niche.  What makes you unique?

Well it has to be my angelic smile or smirk rather or my vibrant humor!! Haha, nah for real image wise it gotta be my head wrap; flow wise I feel that I have a lot to offer, whether is straight goin in on tracks, story telling and I mean beginning middle and end. I also love to write about love, love songs are my shit and I can say that's my niche!
In the grand scheme, Ohio never has really been a breeding ground of MCs so to speak.  Sure respect is giving where it's due; but is Dominique Larue in a class of her own?  Not just in your location but do you consider other Female MCs in your class?

In essence yes, I feel have something different to offer than every other one which is a good thing. I feel that all the female emcees who are dope and we all have something different to offer such as RA the MC, she's dope and she's in her own lane. I'm in my own lane as well, here and all over. I always try to come better than what I previously did and use music as a means to speak my mind and to separate myself from others.

I had asked you before what you thought about Lil Kim and Fox Boog, about them over-sexing their image and you said "they closed the door right behind them".  Elaborate.

They changed the game in terms of female rappers promoting sex appeal and no one has been as successful at as them. Now we're all tired of it and when albums drop from other female rappers, no money is made. To be quite honest I fux w/ Kim and Foxy, Hardcore and Ill Na Na will get play from me til this day! But nowadays the consumer is looking for something more.

Jean Grae did "Love Thirst" and you know, some people really liked it, others, not so much.  Do you think that was her succumbing to pressure or just branching out?  Do you feel the pressure to, you know, appeal to typical female role?

Well to tell you the truth, I haven't heard the song but it seems like from the title she's talking about sex? To be honest, who cares? Just because we represent hip hop in a special way, we can't talk about sex?  That's bullshit. I'm a mom, my son is not an immaculate child! He came from some good lovin! Haha but for real he did. But it all depends on how you do it, I feel you can do it in a nice way as opposed to, "nigga you can suck my pussy!"
"Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks".  That's you know, status quo for alot of rappers.  What say you?

I agree! Haha nah I'm playin but to be honest does it matter? We as women don't care because we refer to ourselves as bitches, hoes and tricks. If we do respect ourselves then we can't expect anyone else to give it. I don't refer to myself as either of those names, I demand respect and I get it.

Is being a role model for the sisters a bullet on the agenda or the platform of the campaign?

More so the platform, it comes with the territory. I've never put it on my things to do list but it seems like it made its way on there anyway. In this business, people look up to you and that's cool and I
always encourage them to find their own way, be your own person, have your own identity. Don't try to be like me or anyone else, that wouldn't make you who you are.

Let's switch gears.  How would you of made Harlem Nights end?

With me on top of course!!! Quik would've got clapped as soon as the door opened, fuck the small talk, haha.
Haha, alright, Dominique or Whitley - who was your favourite of the two?

Now I know this, but others may not  know you're a die hard NFL fan.  You think the Bills will leave Buffalo?  Can the Saints *scoff* repeat?  Will the Browns EVER be good?

Bills need to win games period, if they win games then people would show up! Saints won't repeat because they have 29 players to resign (GoColts!!!). The Browns winning? I can't see it right now, Delhomme is done for and his career will not end but die in Cleveland! Go Cavs!!! Haha

Final words.  Dominique Larue is?

Saving Hip Hop, one listener at a time.

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