Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bronze Nazareth Disrespects Pittsburgh

You know, there are a lot of things that one expects from a Hip Hop show. Loud music, of course. Black people, always. The show never starting on time, you bet. However, there is a difference between running on CP time, and running on "I don't give a fuck, they'll wait because I'm so and so" time. The latter is apparently what last night's "headliner" Bronze Nazareth was currently on.

Shadow Lounge, East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. Wu-Tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth was scheduled to preform on July 10th, 2009. The show's opening acts? Verbal, who brought A.P.E.X, Divine Seven, whom I accompanied on stage (we shut the spot down), EMS, Living Proofe, and Idasa Tariq. The doors opened at around 8:45-9p (at least they were open when I arrived at that time lol) and the show was to go on at 10pm. See thesis statement. No Hip Hop shows start on time. It just doesn't make sense for them to. That's the natural order of things, I get that. So every one (not that many people, 35-40 tops) are waiting around, building, talking, what have you until the show starts. It's now around 10:15, no sign of the headliner. People are getting antsy but not too much. A not so subtle ruckus is the now standard decibel level raised with the influx of people walking down Baum Blvd. Inside DJ Shade Cobain is keeping the people happy with an amazing selection of local and under ground music. A rough announcement is made through word of mouth outside that the show will be starting at 11p, go nigga, I mean go figure.

Around 11:20 or so, the first act takes the stage. To my surprise the small crowd is actually quite lively and very receptive. Cheers, hollers, claps and whistles ensue while Verbal and Aris of A.P.E.X take the stage. Out side of the sound man being a bloody putz, the show moved on pretty smoothly. by around 11:45 close to 12, no sign of Bronze Nazareth. It was then told to every one that, Bronze was no longer showing up. This went from a show with opening acts, to a regular local Hip Hop show. Fine, that's peace, every one else seemed to be pretty ok with that. I mean, all the signs pretty much lead to it being another local Hip Hop show anyway. So around 12:45, some dudes just start setting up on stage. At this point, there are maybe 9 people inside of the Shadow Lounge. In comes Bronze's small posse and opening act. What a waste of time that was. Bronze takes the stage around 1:45. He rocks until I have no idea when. He was though, very displeased no one stayed around to watch him rock. I get home at 4 am, thats all I know. I was outside building with my people, and some females.

Lemme state my piece, now that the facts have been established.

Bronze Nazareth is a Wu-Tang affiliate who came out around the time it was, well, wack to be associated with the Wu. Period point blank. He made some alright records back in the mid to late 90s and just kinda faded into obscurity with a whole bunch of other un important niggas who suffered from delusions of grandeur. Hey, it happens. Here's the break down. I think maybe 3 people were there to actually see Bronze Nazareth rock, coincidentally those 3 people were the only ones who knew who he was. Every on else was there to see the opening acts. That's gotta sting. This nigga is supposed to be there at 10, doesn't go on until 2am, and about 80% of his set, ROCKS OVER OTHER PEOPLES BEATS!!!!!! WTF?!?!!? Like dude, who do you think you are?!?! Are you really that arrogant, that self centred to think that a place with a confused Hip Hop scene is going to wait for YOU? YOU? Really? You got some bloody nerve. Not only was that unprofessional, that was highly disrespectful to what ever fans you may or may not have had at the show, the promoter and owner of the venue, and the city of Pittsburgh. You aren't even part of the original 9 members of the Wu-Tang Clan!!! Where do you get off on that fuckry? You should be ashamed of yourself. I never considered my self a fan, but I never said I wasn't either. But I'll never check anything you do again, you fucking clown.

See, I came on as a special guest. I did 24 bars in Divine Seven's set, and had the crowd nuts! You wanna see a real show? Come check me preform with Tanya Morgan next Thursday, July 16th at the Shadow Lounge. I promise it will be a real event.

Phat shout to all the performers of Friday's show!

The Ayatollah has spoken