Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Senior Prom Nightmare

The year?  2004.  The Place? Senior Prom.  Here we go.

I went to Remos in Century III Mall, in Pittsburgh, PA.  I wanted to get this fresh ass powder pink tux.  Pink head to toe.  Hey, it was 2004, Pink was in and I did win best dressed my SR year. 

I tell my date, Jana Southwick, this is what I was gonna wear, you gotta match me, and bon bon, it'll be dope.  She gets a colour which herein will be referred to as "dumb bitch pink". Think of collegiate pink highlighter combined with country time lemonade pink.  I digress.

I snap out, had to get a new tux because she wasn't changing her dress ... sucka for love, sucka for love ... smdh.  It was my prom, not hers, why did I have to change my tux? So it goes. 

I end up just going with a plain white tux with a pink tie, vest and flower.  Nigga, I was still fresh. 

She copped an attitude because she cheated on me through out our whole relationship and none of the girls at my school liked her.  Shouldn't of been a whore.  Let that be a note to all you perspective whores.  Go to some one else's prom with your whore status known?  You'll be subjected to mucho scrutiny. 

Our prom was on The Majestic, the sister ship of The Gateway Clipper.  We get there, her attitude is terrible.  Really trying to fuck my night up.  I'm like fuck it, I'ma go pose for some pictures, cause I was looking uber fresh and all the mansthem were too.  After about 20 mins of posing, dinner is finna be served so I go back to eat with her.  She's know where to be found.  I find her about 2 hours later with some random nigga on the deck.  We didnt even dance to our song "If I Aint Got You" by Alicia Keys.  I did however have some fun and my girl Sade Jones, kept me company and made sure I got what little dancing I could do, on. 

Time to leave.  Jana - no where to be found ...

Take in the fact that she was mad "friendly" and I found her with another dude on the deck - you do the math. 

So I'm bugging out - I snatch up one of the knives - try to stab this dude, I'm snapping, I go off the leash, I cuss her out the whole way home, I really got vulgar - rightfully so.  That shit hurt, that was my girlfriend at the time, my senior prom, I'll never get another one ... sigh. 

My Jr. prom was wack too.  I went to Quigley Catholic's prom.  My date and I were the only black folks there.  She was a cock blocking arrogant over achieving bitch. 

The Ayatollah Has Spoken.